The Five Qualities



Collaboration is the ability to work smoothly and productively with others. Two of the many reasons that it is important to be able to work well with others are that many things are too difficult to do without assistance and that being able to work with others to get things done is essential for most professions. Because of these things, great emphasis is put on this quality at DRSS. As a student at DRSS, I have completed many projects which have allowed me to develop my collaborative skills. The Storybook Project I completed in 7th grade is one notable example, as is the Silent Film Project I completed in 9th grade.



Communication is the transmission of information. Being able to communicate effectively is an incredibly important skill: anyone who interacts with other people on a regular basis will have to communicate with them. Being able to communicate well is an especially important skill in leadership positions: leaders should be able to communicate their expectations and understand the needs of their subordinates. Communicating well is beneficial to anyone who works with other people. This quality is one of the most important because it can have positive effects in almost all areas of life if effectively applied.



Creativity is the generation of new or original ideas. There are many ways in which the generation of ideas is useful. This is clearly demonstrated by the multitudinous innovations which make our lives better every day. Without creativity, we would not have toothbrushes. Without creativity, I wouldn't have made this website - I at least wouldn't have made it well. Anything can be done better if done creatively.



Inquiry is the act of actively seeking out information. It is not the same thing as curiousity (although it is impossible to be inquisitive without being curious) because curiousity is wanting to learn, and inquiry is trying to learn. Inquiry is very useful because it helps you to gain a deeper understanding of things you are interested in, which can improve your performance in areas that require knowledge of those things. Being able to effectively exercise inquiry has been useful to me in all of my academic pursuits.


Persistence is the ability to keep working at something for as long as is necessary, no matter how difficult it seems or is. The need for persistence is inescapable because challenges are. I've been able to practice using persistence a lot during my time at DRSS. You can read about how I've used persistence on my 7th Grade and 10th Grade pages.