My 9th Grade Self

There are many ways in which I have changed since August. One thing which has changed about me is my ability to work efficiently. When I began my ninth grade year, I could do this – but I could not do it well. This was because I had never had to. In middle school, I had never been given so much work that it was important that I completed it efficiently. I could waste as much time overdoing things as I wanted. In ninth grade, that changed. I received considerably more homework in ninth grade than I had in seventh grade, and there were some nights when I could not put as much effort into my homework as I usually did. I had to learn to complete my work efficiently. During the spring, I began playing for the Beavercreek high school tennis team. While I enjoyed this, participating meant that I lost a lot of time after school that I had typically used to do my homework. During this time, I got a lot of practice completing my work efficiently. This practice allowed me to become much better at working efficiently. During my ninth grade year, I had opportunities to practice many other things which have helped me to become a better student. Throughout my ninth grade year, I grew, struggled, and excelled, and by doing so gained a plethora of knowledge and experience which has made me ready for tenth grade.

How I Excelled

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How I Struggled

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How I Grew

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My 10th Grade Readiness

I have learned a lot since August. I have learned information and how to apply it, I have acquired skills and used them, and – perhaps most importantly – I have learned how to learn better. I have had to be persistent throughout the year to become ready for tenth grade. This is not the only thing which I have had to do, but it is the most important. Of all the things which I have learned as a ninth grader which have helped me to prepare for tenth grade, I would not have learned any of them without persisting. I had to persist to excel, to grow, and to overcome my struggles. It is the knowledge that I have gained by excelling, growing, and struggling which has prepared me for tenth grade. I gained a better understanding of what allows me to excel, of how I can grow, and what I should do to overcome my struggles. My goal for tenth grade is to do all that is asked of me successfully and to the best of my ability and to learn as much as I can while doing so.