Wright State University Internship

The Dayton Regional STEM School requires all of its students to complete an internship before graduation. This internship should last at least ten hours and entail the completion of a company project with a mentor. I completed this requirement over the summer of 2018. I completed an internship under the supervision of Dr. Jason Deibel, chair of Wright State University's physics department. This internship gave me the opportunity to experience what it is like to conduct physics research at a university. You can learn more about my internship experience here.

Aptima Internship

Over the summer of 2019, I completed a paid seven-week internship at Aptima, a defense contractor specializing in human factors engineering and psychology. You can learn more about this internship here.


I have experience using several programming languages, with the most experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and R. I also have less extensive experience with Python and MATLAB. I coded this website myself using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I gained experience using MATLAB during my internship at Wright State Universtiy, and I gained experience in R during my internship at Aptima. I've done other projects in the aforementioned languages in various contexts.


I like math. I've participated in several math competitions, including the AMC10 and MathCON. The best result I've gotten on a math competition was my MathCON competition in 2019 where I was in the top 70 scorers nationwide. I also volunteer as a coach for my school's middle school MathCounts team.

Junior Council on World Affairs

The Junior Council on World Affairs is an organization which provides students with opportunities to learn about international topics. During the 2018-2019 schoolyear, my JCOWA team advanced to the national round of the Academic WorldQuest competition in Washington, D.C.


I play tennis. I started playing tennis in elementary school, but I only played sporadically until sixth or seventh grade. I've played tennis for the Beavercreek High School tennis team. and participated in multiple recreational leagues.