All students at the Dayton Regional STEM School are required to complete an internship as a graduation requirement. I have completed multiple internships, and this page contains links to descriptions of those internships. The internship I completed at the Wright State University Department of Physics will fulfill the internship graduation requirement. This page also contains the career exploration report I completed in eleventh grade.

This report was created to describe the exploration of two careers: economics and data science. Colleges which would provide the necessary preparation for those careers are also investigated. Research was conducted using a wide variety of sources, including publications associated with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and American Economic Association. Research was focused on finding information about what each career involved, the advantages of each career, and what education was necessary to enter each career. Information about that education was used to conduct research on colleges and programs at those colleges which would provide the best preparation for each career. This research afforded an improved understanding of what college education would provide the best preparation for both careers. Next steps primarily consist of focusing on academic work to optimize preparedness for that college education.