The Dayton Regional STEM School is different from other schools in many ways. As suggested by the school's name, the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are emphasized in the curricula of all of our classes, even those which are not inherently STEM-related. In addition, DRSS strongly supports project-based learning. Project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn primarily by doing. This method of teaching serves as an excellent preparation for the real world, especially when accompanied by more conventional teaching methods.

The main purpose of this section of my portfolio is to explain how I have grown as a student at DRSS and to give examples of projects that I have done as a student at the Dayton Regional STEM School. All this information would not fit in a single page, so I have divided this section of my portfolio by grade level. This page currently has four subpages: a 7th Grade page, a 9th Grade page,a 10th Grade page, and a 11th grade page. The grade-level pages contain information about some of the projects I have done in those grades. Although I have attended DRSS since 6th Grade, there is no 6th Grade page because I only began coding my portfolio in 7th Grade and there is no 8th Grade page because I was accelerated past 8th grade.